Pumpkins and Christmas!!

One of my absolute favorite places to go shooting 📸 is the Dallas Arboretum! Its so gorgeous and there are so many places to capture the perfect image! This will be my very first year doing Pumpkin Patch pictures at the Arboretum and I. AM. Stoked!!

We're going to get so many great shots and have so much fun doing it!

I have toys and little bribing treats for the little ones who don't like taking pictures so much. So I am ready!

The Christmas pictures are going to be awesome because I get to control the setting! I'm setting up the props and everything! *Phew! I'm already exhausted just thinking about it. LOL! But It's going to be so much fun because the spot is nice and shaded. There a cute little barn area and looks all rustic. We're setting up a cute vintage arm chair as decoration along with a christmas tree and some other decor to make it look like a cute christmas living room outside! Its going to be adorable for your family Christmas card this year!

Here's all the info you need